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(And we’re not just talking about “doll hairs”)

the ‘zine:

Now accepting submissions of writing and artwork for the Full Circle Magazine by Walking Home, online on Substack and expected to be in print in 2024. Some suggested topics are:

  • Personal experiences and stories attending at bedside for a loved one or as an end-of-life professional/volunteer
  • Personal experience narratives around aging, ailing, caregiving, and grieving
  • Creating vigil
  • End-of-life/after death mysteries
  • End-of-life planning professional advice
  • Grief professional advice (for adults and children)
  • Alternative funeral/burial/interment/disposal options information, experience, and photos
  • End-of-life craft
  • Opinion articles
  • Death-equity related submissions
  • Cultural understandings and traditions around end-of-life and death
  • Death cafes
  • Related movie and book reviews/suggestions

All related artwork will be considered for publication

We are open to suggestions of topics, organizations, events, or people to include

e-mail: info@walkinghome.org

so…it’s about death?

yes! it’s mostly about death…and it’s not weird at all. we swear.

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e-mail: info@walkinghome.org